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AGM 2024



  • "Right decision at the right time"
  • Reflections on past years of the JSAD
  • Vast choice of sport now available for people with disabilities
  • Government investment in sport cannot come soon enough





Below you can read the full transcript of outgoing chairman Paul Patterson's report to the 2024 Annual General Meeting.

This report will be my last as Chairman of JSAD as I have decided it is now the right time to stand down.  This decision was a very hard one but, in keeping with the overall policy we have adopted on succession planning, it is the right one.


Having made the decision, I have been reflecting on the early years of JSAD, why we formed the Association in the first place and some of the people who have influenced our progress over time. 


When we started there were very little opportunities for people with a disability in Jersey to take part in sport.  Jersey DIPS were operational and offering a swimming service but that was basically it.  We officially formed in 1986 but we had been trialling some sport to gauge interest for about two years before our formation. So, we can say that we have been operational for 40 years.


During that time, we have seen our service offerings and membership grow and we have hosted some hugely successful events, our annual games, the ISSF 1998 edition as well as countless successes at all competition levels off Island.


I reflected on some of those who have greatly assisted JSAD in becoming the success it has over time but sadly are no longer with us.  People like Vernon Tomes (Patron), Brian Ahier (Patron), Alan Kelly (Co-Founder), Tim Collins (Wheelchair Sport), John Amy (Gateway) and last by no means least Howard Walker (Big H – the go-to man)!


Our first Chairman was George Baird and he set in place the foundation stones of the Association and he was the master draftsman of our constitution, a document that has been amended over time but is basically in the same structure it was when he presented it all those years ago.  George still keeps a watching eye on us and I do get the occasional message from him, an approving nod I like to think!


The Association has faced challenges in the past and overcome them.  No doubt there will be more challenges ahead, but I have confidence that your new Chairperson and Committee will find ways through.


As I hand over to a new era it is fair to say that people in Jersey with a disability now have a vast choice of sport they can engage with and importantly, many able-bodied clubs now have fully inclusive policies in place that offer even more choice.  There will, in my view anyway, always be a need for JSAD.


Jersey Government is presently looking to make considerable investment in sporting infrastructure, and this cannot come soon enough.  I have previously reported that many of our affiliated clubs are struggling with inadequate facilities, temporary homes or not enough facility time.  All of our issues are known but we must continue to keep pressure on to ensure we all finish up with what is required to run the sports properly.


The importance of succession planning was underlined in my last report, and I am pleased to note several new General Committee members have joined us, replacing long serving officers.  This process must continue to ensure the ongoing success of JSAD.


Thank you all for the support you have given me and the dedication you have to supporting JSAD, it simply would not be happening without you.


Paul Patterson MBE


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