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2018 Wheelchair Basketball - latest round-robin league table


1. RBC Maples 4 4 0 0 135 32 4 12
2. Jersey Wheelers 4 3 0 1 158 72 4 10
3. Fifth Element 4 1 0 3 42 84 1 6
4. HSBC Dunkers 4 1 0 3 38 111 0 6
5. Jersey Sport 4 1 0 3 28 102 1 5

NOTE: Bonus points (BN) only apply when points are equal after all games. 

So, congratulations to RBC Maples, whose perfect record means they are winners of the Championship. The top four qualified for the knock out stages.


There is always more than one way to achieve your goal and wheelchair basketball is no exception. Whilst the Fifth Element vs the Jersey Wheelers game provided us with plenty of baskets and an end-to-end entertaining match, the RBC Maples approach is typically more conservative, with prevention seen as better than the cure. With the best defence in the league, only the Wheelers were able to score double figures against them this season.


Obviously a strong defence is only part of the story, teams still need to score to win of course. RBC did score reasonably well throughout the season with Pete Ingram scoring a total of 28 baskets. However the Jersey Wheelers duo, James Brady and top scorer Samantha Walker combined score of 142 (71 baskets!) split 56 and 86 respectively, actually more than the entire RBC team scored over the season. See below for all the top scorers.


It was unfortunate that Jersey Sport had to concede a game straight after their superb battle with HSBC Dunkers. This meant that they failed to make the cut this year but their improving skills and undoubted enthusiasm will surely make them a team to watch next season.



Top scorers 2018 

Name Team Points
Samantha Walker Jersey Wheelers 86
James Brady Jersey Wheelers 56
Peter Ingram RBC Maples 55
Gael Maratier RBC Maples 28
Adam Cartwright RBC Maples 24
Garry Yeardley HSBC Dunkers 20
Alex Pemberton Fifth Element 18
Jason Baker HSBC Dunkers 12
Lazlo Maros RBC Maples 10
Elliot Powell Jersey Sport 10
Mark O'Keefe Fifth Element 10
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