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Wheelchair Basketball Challenge   2018 - Match reports and photos


RBC Maples 37 - 6 HSBC Dunkers

If one just focuses on the score, this looks totally one-sided in favour of the champions. However, the Dunkers played a solid game and really forced the standard up. Once they start converting their chances, there is no reason why they can't challenge for the cup or the league in the future.


In the meantime, it was the Maple’s day and they secured this emphatic win This means that the semi-final fixtures are now finalised and happen to be a repeat of the last two round-robin games of the league! 




Jersey Wheelers 46 - 30 Fifth Element

For the ninth game this season, last year’s runners up came up against one of the new teams. And what a game it was!


Fifth element’s main objective was to secure a bonus point to ensure they would be in the knockout competition, and this gave them a goal as they had little expectation of beating the Wheelers.


The result was by far the best game in this league competition as both played their proverbial socks off. Arguably this was one the best games of all time, with the highest total (76) ever scored in a local league match and it was subsequently very exciting to watch.


Charlie Dixon-Smith of Fifth Element was made man of the match.


Jersey Sport scratched to Fifth Element

We were all looking forward to this game as the two most improved and newest teams were up against each other. Unfortunately due to heavy work commitments, Jersey Sport were unable to field a team and gave the Fifth Element a technical win. These are still two teams to watch next year.



HSBC Dunkers 14 - 20 Jersey Sport

It's fair to say HSBC Dunkers came to this game as tentative favourites. However Jersey Sport are beginning to find their feet. They not only restricted the Dunkers scoring rate but also gained a bonus point of their own that could be important later on. 



RBC Maples 24 - 2 Fifth Element

The sixth game of the season saw the current league champions, RBC Maples, take on an improving Fifth Element. Although the Maples carded a win, the Fifth Element successfully restricted their opponents from scoring heavily, although at this point, Fifth Element still need to find a way to score themselves.



Jersey Wheelers 20 - 34 RBC Maples

The first half of the league campaign saw the best defence against the highest scorers. The first quarter was once of the best quarters we have seen with 12 baskets between the teams. Over the course of the match the defence of the RBC Maples proved crucial as Sam Walker was unable to add a great deal to her previous tally, whilst four of the RBC team fairly shared baskets between them. The game stopped a little early due to a Jersey Wheeler falling ill but everyone is pleased to hear that he is now out of hospital and recovering well.



HSBC Dunkers 14 - 10 Fifth Element

This fourth game of the 2018 challenge allowed the HSBC Dunkers a little more freedom as they played the second rookie team, Fifth Element. They are an open team for which anyone who is not in an existing line-up can play for them. Unfortunately for this match, Fifth Element only mustered four players but this did not restrict them from both defending well and matching the Dunkers for three of the four quarters. 

RBC Maples 40 - 4 Jersey Sport

The third game was another with a score-line representing more than 20 baskets in a match, but on this occasion it was the RBC Maples, as Adam Cartwright in particular, aimed for Sam Walker’s tally of 28 baskets over two games. He fell somewhat short with just seven baskets but after this first game was still the Maples high scorer. Jersey Sport showed some of the promise revealed in their first game but unfortunately for them, the Maples defence proved decisive in preventing any heavy scoring.

Jersey Wheelers 44 - 4 HSBC Dunkers

As in the previous game, the losers, Dunkers, improved over the duration. However, Sam Walker, from the Jersey Wheelers, really destroyed their defence and doubled her tally for the league so far.

Jersey Wheelers 48 - 4 Jersey Sport 


The 2018 season got underway with a comfortable win for the Wheelers against newbies Jersey Sport


As you can see from the picture, the Wheelers fielded a small team, but it certainly packed a punch. For the first quarter, Jersey Sport were dominated by Samantha Walker’s efficient demolition of their defence, popping in eight baskets. In the middle quarters, James Brady and Sam shared the spoils whilst Darren Renouf finished the first half with a fine basket.


As the match continued, Jersey Sport began to play more as a team and showed a few times that it will not be long before they are a more serious adversary. They scored two baskets in the second half and restricted the Wheelers to just 4 baskets in the last quarter. 


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