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Roger Bara Award for Pandemic Support 2023

The best news from the 2023 awards is that this trophy is no longer needed. It has been hidden in the dark annuls of JSAD history.  Long may it continue! We hope we never have to revive it!




Roger Bara Award for Pandemic Support 2022

Lance Kiddie (left) Lance Kiddie (left)

This is only the second presentation of this award celebrating the enormous dedication of those responsible to keep things moving despite the pandemic.


Lance Kiddie is the second recipient. He is one of the Wheelchair Sports Covid-19 safety officers, who has attended every week to keep all the members who turn up for the session compliant and able to join the session.


He continues to do this important work in a calm manner and is a vital member of the Wheelchair sports team. 


Let's hope this award does not need to continue, which would mean the end of the pandemic..........





Roger Bara Award for Pandemic Support 2021

The new Roger Bara trophy presented to Dorothy Patterson (right) Jeannine Carey (left) and Dorothy Patterson

The JSAD back office team of Alan English, Jeannine Carey, Dorothy and Paul Patterson became the inaugural winners of this brand new trophy. 


JSAD Patron Roger Bara thought it was necessary to recognise the extraordinary efforts to keep the lights on, even in the very darkest moments of the pandemic.


"Between them, Alan, Jeannine, Dorothy and Paul gave unflinching dedicated support during these difficult times," said Roger.


"They provided support, advice, guidance and encouragement to individual members and affiliated groups."


He added: "Firstly, they orchestrated an ordered suspension of services, ensuring that our members had all the right information. Then they encouraged alternative activities during lockdown periods, and finally carefully planned a safe restart to services when it was the right time to do so."

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